Web Design Elements

RupertChesman.com Screenshot

If you take a look under the hood, this is what I see when I’m designing a website.  

Each website is made out of sections, starting with a Header, then the body of the website, and a Footer.  There are a lot of different options in the body section, and you can see some samples of these choices below.  

It wouldn’t be possible to show every single iteration you can have, but I’m presenting this here to give you an idea of what is available and to help guide you with your design choices.  Everything you see here, from colours to shapes to text, is adaptable to your needs. 

Google Maps

Show a specific address, or a number of addresses, using Google Maps.  You can pick your location, zoom level and height.

Testimonials can showcase the trust people have in your brand, and can be displayed in multiple different ways, including in quotes, cards, and have star ratings.


Rupert Chesman
The Boss

Rupert Chesman is in black and white, and currently smiling in a swimming pool in Sydney.

Rupert Chesman
Founder & CEO
Today sometime
Rupert Chesman

Say what you would like to here, in as many testimonials as you need.

Rupert Chesman
Dad & Husband

Progress Circles


Show how well you’re doing with progress circles, styled to your needs.

Your blog can be featured in a number of different ways.  The main thing with a blog is quite simple – only have one if you know you’re going to keep it updated regularly.  Websites can look very dated very quickly if your blog was last updated in 1993.  

Blog Post Sliders

Weather and Countdown Timer

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Display the weather anywhere in the world.

Count down to a specific date, and when it hits zero it can say a message.  Or make it evergreen, which means it’s always counting down from somewhere.  Just make sure to set it to something so you don’t need to reset it all the time.

Feature your pricing here, including WooCommerce integration to go straight to checkout and pay for it.  Show everything great about yourself.

Pricing Table

Web Design

Design awesome website

Awesome Work
Lots of options
Stuff you don't want
Slow Websites

Video Filming

Whatever you need

Awesome Work
In focus
Black and white

Image Comparison

Edward Edward BW

Compare the same image before and after.  Main thing to ensure is that both images are exactly the same size to show a smooth transition.

Animate text onto your site in a variety of different ways.  This one can be fun, but also has the potential to make your website look a little ridiculous if overused.

Animated Text

Rupert Chesman
Rupert Chesman
Rupert Chesman
Rupert Chesman