I’ve worked as Producer/Production Manager since my early days filming in London back in 2003, and had ten awesome years filming in Dubai and across the Middle East, flying all around the world in pursuit of the best video content for all my clients.

Production work changes every time, with memorable moments including arranging an iceberg to be on Dubai Creek, a fun day trying to make a brown paper factory look exciting, and that interesting time the cameraman forgot the camera (not me I hasten to add).

This doesn’t just create fun stories, but also a can-do attitude to whatever shoot I work on, from the smallest one-man-band filming to the largest set with over 100 crew, I’ve had to get into, and out of, a lot of interesting situations, in over 30 countries.



  • happy, can-do attitude at least 90% of the time
  • organising with a strong understanding of kit
  • a basic knowledge of multiple languages (starting with English, Japanese and French)
  • budgeting, scripting, remote production
  • organising global crew and shoots
  • delivery of the video format you need (yup, not always the one you asked for)
  • a fast laptop with a huge collection of programs to get you and me out of all kinds of fixes
  • strong IT skills
  • pro-active in helping at events and on set



Feel free to contact me anytime, it’s great to hear from you!