Maasai in Kenya

Watch out for the Lions

If there’s one thing I’m famous for amongst my friends, I’d love to say it’s my witty repartee or beautiful skill in chatting up ladies,

DuoLingo 500

Getting to 500 Days

Starting a story with today’s date, well, it’s by definition going to date it.  No, no-one is going to guess is this 5 years old

Indonesian Cooked Eels

Timbulsloko, Part Two

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, made up of thousands of islands, languages and cultures.  A solid proportion of Indonesians

Timbulsloko Team

Timbulsloko, Part One

I think we can all agree that our planet isn’t doing frantically well.  The beautiful fact that putting away the humans for a bit has

International Filming

Filming Around The World

Australia is in lockdown.  Virus is spreading across the world.  Places I know and love are in trouble, and video production work has flatlined.  But,