Learn with me

Did you know every picture on this site was made by aI?

AI tools are all around us already.  Every picture you see here was made by myself on Midjourney, and done all in a day, as I slowly but surely created this website and decided what pictures I wanted.

AI isn’t a make-believe story that’s coming soon.  It’s here, and you need to learn how to use it.

30-minute Tutorials

The main thing you need is to have someone hold your hand and show you what AI can do.  It doesn’t take long for you to have that ‘aha’ moment and break through ChatGPT, or to understand the fundamentals of Midjourney.  You simply need a friend to sit next to you and show you.

One Hour AI presentation

Do you need me to talk to all staff?  I can do that, anywhere in the world, whether it’s in person or via Zoom.  Let me enable your staff to truly understand what they can do, with presentations specifically designed for you.

Retainer options

Do you need someone on your staff who really knows about AI and your company?  Consider retainer options, where I can educate staff one-on-one on the latest AI trends and technology, Whilst having a strong understanding of your company needs.

Art and Media Creation

I’ve got two decades of experience in the filming and art industries, and can create 500 videos for you in a day.

Want to know how?  Or just want me to do it for you?