Join Me For a 30-minute or Hour-long Lesson

All my lessons and presentations are built to be around 30-minutes, so for hour-long sessions it’s usually two of the below lessons combined, or something made specifically for you.  I always do background research into your circumstances, and change the lessons according to exactly what you need.  My lessons are all via Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom,  one-to-one or one-to-many, and often run over by 5-10 minutes at no additional charge.

Special Offer - Company Workshop

  • 2 Hour Company Workshop
  • Train up to ten employees on the latest in AI and discuss how to adopt best practice
  • Improve employee efficiency across the board

1 - Creating with ChatGPT

  • 101 introduction to Prompt Engineering
  • How to create actual, useable content with ChatGPT, getting away from generic to make truly creative ideas
  • Creating photorealistic Midjourney prompts

2 - Photorealism on Midjourney

  • 101 introduction to Midjourney, the beautiful image creator
  • Prompt engineering to create the best prompts
  • Learn how to use other images as a reference
  • Using other web references to create your images

3 - Midjourney & Photoshop Generative AI

  • Prompt Engineering with Midjourney
  • Using Lightroom and Photoshop to Upres images
  • Taking Midjourney images and using Photoshop Generative AI to truly take them to the next level
  • Creating product pack shots using Midjourney to make backgrounds and Photoshop to blend and finalise

4 - Getting C-Suite Buy-in for aI

  • A strong introduction to AI, business use cases and recent reports regarding AI adoption
  • Bespoke demonstrations to show power of ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering
  • Tailored to your specific business and for managers and C-suite execs to understand this amazing future
  • Exciting, dynamic statistics about AI adoption from Goldman Sachs

5 - AI for Bloggers and writers

  • Prompt Engineering and understanding how ChatGPT actually works
  • Getting away from generic content and truly harnessing the power of ChatGPT
  • Understanding how to write for AI and build stories
  • Writing scripts, blogs and other content in your writing style

6 - Analysing long pDFs and other information

  • Take a 200-page PDF and summarize it in 30 seconds
  • Watch a 2-hour YouTube video instantly
  • Take any long-form data and break it down into useable chunks
  • Checking for gotchas and erroneous data

7 - Supercharge You

  • How to turn ChatGPT into a SuperYou
  • Get ChatGPT to talk like you, and break through any creative block anytime
  • Have someone with you 24/7 to bounce ideas off

8 - Turn ChatGPT into anyone

  • Imagine who it would be really useful to talk to right now
  • Learn how to use ChatGPT to be someone to talk to, someone to lean on, or someone to learn from
  • Who would you like to have across from you right now, to help you with your work, your life, anything?

9 - automate You

  • Learn about AutoGPT and GPT-Engineer
  • How to integrate ChatGPT with Zapier to automate email outreach and writing
  • Creating and learning what you need to 10x or 100x your life

10 - how to Make 1000 different images in canva

  • Learn how to take ChatGPT content and create hundreds of different quotes in Canva to post on social media
  • How to use ChatGPT to make a hundred quotes, and then create videos in bulk using Canva.
  • Create hundreds of compelling videos and images in a very short time