International Filming

Filming Around The World

Australia is in lockdown.  Virus is spreading across the world.  Places I know and love are in trouble, and video production work has flatlined.  But, on the bright side, I have toilet paper, and a three-year-old son who loves poop jokes – one could say a symbiotic relationship.  Hilarious jokes of that nature have served me well for the past few decades, and hopefully will continue to do so as I continue to age disgracefully.  Currently my little boy is curled up in bed with his awesome Mum, and hopefully falling asleep.  Hopefully.  Probably not, I fully expect a snort and a giggle in my general direction in a few minutes.

I can get told off for being glass half full, but my boy is only going to be three once and fretting about anything isn’t going to make much difference, so I might as well stay here in my comfy office, hope for the best, and tell a few stories about life, the universe and everything.  Well, life, the world and everything.

The broad summary is that I’ve travelled.  Quite extensively.  Certainly not everywhere, but my scratch map looks like it’s been mauled by at least some fairly hungry cats who are hell-bent on, um, mauling a scratch map.  I’ll work on that image, I’m sure there’s something there.  Filming and travelling around the world comes with an amazing array of fun challenges, crazy cultural moments, and food that could occasionally look like someone has decided to challenge the foreigner.  Most recently was some sort of deep-fried jellied eel somewhere in Java, Indonesia, which, given my ravenous hunger at the time, helped quell the vague dislike of seafood.

Over the next few weeks and months my plan is to share some of my more entertaining shoots that I’ve been on over the years, whether it’s helping to arrange the Asian World Cup football match in Yemen, eating with my hands in Bangladesh or needing to find a bathroom somewhere near the Maasai in Kenya, it’s been a random a ride so far.

So, lockdown.  I’m definitely in the same country for 6 months in a row.  I don’t know when that last happened, but it was a while ago and I’m not sure how I did it. Here goes…


Maasai in Kenya

Watch out for the Lions

If there’s one thing I’m famous for amongst my friends, I’d love to say it’s my witty repartee or beautiful skill in chatting up ladies,

Kritzi the Little Goat

A Goat in Covent Garden

In production you’re sometimes put in pretty random positions. My first ever day on my first ever shoot was in 2003, and I was bouncing

Indonesian Cooked Eels

Timbulsloko, part Two

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, made up of thousands of islands, languages and cultures.  A solid proportion of Indonesians