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Family Picture

To My Bump

The sun is setting over another day in the Blue Mountains, a few pink clouds visible over the horizon as it starts a day on

Kritzi the Little Goat

A Goat in Covent Garden

In production you’re sometimes put in pretty random positions. My first ever day on my first ever shoot was in 2003, and I was bouncing

Maasai in Kenya

Watch out for the Lions

If there’s one thing I’m famous for amongst my friends, I’d love to say it’s my witty repartee or beautiful skill in chatting up ladies,

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Bum

Living in Dubai for a long time, I got to work with a number of awesome clients including Swarovski, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, making

Lens close-up

The Panasonic GH5

The trouble with filming and photography is that it’s a never-ending money-pit of epic proportions.  There’s always a better lens you can get, a better

Japanese Shrine

Learning Japanese

“En japonés, hay cuatro alfabetos” I say in fairly ropey Spanish.  It’s 1998, my brother is getting married in Madrid soon, and I’ve decided to

Lanterns in Japan

Turning Japanese

A common question I get is “how come you speak Japanese?” – as a pasty white British guy, it does come as a bit of

DuoLingo 500

Getting to 500 days

Starting a story with today’s date, well, it’s by definition going to date it.  No, no-one is going to guess is this 5 years old

Indonesian Cooked Eels

Timbulsloko, part Two

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, made up of thousands of islands, languages and cultures.  A solid proportion of Indonesians