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I’ve lived and travelled across a number of countries in Asia, from teaching English in China when I was 18, to learning Japanese in Tokyo,

Film Me Website

Film Me

Apart from, which has its roots way way back in the land of GeoCities, Film Me’s website is one of the oldest sites that

High Speed Edward

Adversity, Squared

In ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ there are two mice who are faced with adversity. One of them sits down in the pub and hopes it’s

Rupert and Kat

A Very Long Love Story Part One

There’s a song by The Divine Comedy called Everybody Knows, with the simple lyric ‘everybody know that I love you… except you’. This could definitely

Watching Raindrops

My Boy’s Dreams

As usual I’m lying in bed next to my beautiful little boy, who’s just gone off to sleep and is starting to quietly snore next

She Said Yes

A Dirty Proposal

One day after giving a beautiful girl a ring on her finger, I gave an entirely different beautiful girl a turd on a brick. And

Burj Khalifa

The Showreel Must Go On

I love watching my showreel, it’s a trip down memory lane to an amazing array of countries, locations and beautiful people who I’ve got to

MEPCO reels

Brown Paper in Saudi

Corporate video production is a varied beast. Some days you’re with IT professionals somewhere in a factory talking about SAP implementations, and another day you’re

Family Picture

To My Bump

The sun is setting over another day in the Blue Mountains, a few pink clouds visible over the horizon as it starts a day on