I’ve lived and travelled across a number of countries in Asia, from teaching English in China when I was 18, to learning Japanese in Tokyo, and filming various videos and other content for clients all around the world, including Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

One thing you realise when you’re in Asia is the remarkable versatility of Bamboo. You see it all over the place, from the cups for drinking various forms of tea, to the scaffolding holding up entire buildings, this material is used all over the place.

I originally got excited about the bamboo toothbrush, and then went more in depth and discovered a whole world of bamboo that’s available to purchase. From things you’d expect like chopsticks and plates, all the way to bamboo socks, towels and storage racks, there doesn’t seem to be a limit on what this remarkable material can do.

withBamboo is dedicated to all things bamboo, with a strong emphasis on nature, beauty and calm. Using sans-serif fonts and a calming green hue throughout the site, I worked to make it a welcoming place for people to discover bamboo products that they expect, and even some that they didn’t.

I’ll go off into the sunset now with my very comfortable bamboo sunglasses.