Adversity, Squared

High Speed Edward

In ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ there are two mice who are faced with adversity. One of them sits down in the pub and hopes it's all going to blow over, and the other one gets up and runs around, and tries to figure out something else to do.

I like to think that I'm the second mouse. When the manure collides with the air conditioning at high velocity, I adapt, change and move on to something else, with a conviction, maybe arrogance, that says everything will be alright. As Matt Le Blanc says in the well-known Oscar-winning Lost in Space, “anywhere is better than here”. If I'm here and here isn't working, I go, I figure it out.

So it comes as a new one for me when I'm a little lost. The world as I've known it for so many years has fallen apart in a matter of weeks. A diverse, fun, interesting world I'm proud of has suddenly stopped, and my epic trips outside have become weird sorties to the supermarket, furtive glances at the toilet roll aisle, with death stares if you so much as sniff. I wake up in the morning to my beautiful little 3-year-old son and wonder what to tell him, what to teach him, and what the hell am I going to do until bedtime which is 14 isolated hours away?

In this weird time we call Covid, I'm working hard to be incredibly grateful. My family is here with me, my boy is awesome, and the house is more than big enough to swing a number of cats in, if we had one. Maybe even a tiger. We even got internet installed last week. And there's that grey thing between my ears that's still thinking.

I've changed around the outside of the house to a running track, which is something like 160m. My office is now a gym and art room, with the sitting room tv in there and lots of music, and a whole load of paint and craft stuff for my boy to go crazy with, all vaguely protected by dust sheets. I’m focussing on web design after video has flatlined, and Little Roos has grown and is getting orders in.

My general feeling is that there is no use moping. It isn't going to get me very far, apart from the bottom of a tub of Neapolitan ice cream. I permitted myself one week of mope. It didn't achieve much. Now I'm back in the swing of things, making 5 websites and ready to rock with Little Roos and all the others firing on all cylinders. People need entertaining, so let's get them toys and everything else their heart desires.

Whatever mouse you are, this time is stressful, exhausting and the lack of an endpoint makes it almost impossible to comprehend. It will end. Not today or this month; but it will end. What the new world will be when the virus-laden dust clears, I don't know.

But I'll still be that mouse.