My Boy’s Dreams

Watching Raindrops

As usual I'm lying in bed next to my beautiful little boy, who’s just gone off to sleep and is starting to quietly snore next to me. The light of my phone shows me his beautiful little face, and I watch him stir and dream, as I listen to the Blue Mountains rain falling on the ferns outside my bedroom window.

I wonder if those raindrops are in your dream. Can you hear them as they fall down on each leaf, splashing into an infinite array of possibilities before landing onto the gravel below? Maybe you're thinking about swimming, or splashing and giggling at bathtime, or those times Daddy took you out to play in the rain. Or your efforts with the hose in the garden that ended up with us both in early bathtime.

I hope so. Or maybe you're in your own little three-year-old world, full of love, creativity and mischief, probably including doggies, trains and chocolate, if not necessarily in that order. Or planes, they seem high on the priority list this week. Big red ones especially.

One day you'll wake up and let me know about your dreams. I hope they're good ones. Maybe I'm even in there somewhere, hugging Mummy and bump, whilst we watch our perfect little man going on his nighttime adventures.

Time for me to sleep, next to my little wriggle monster. Until way too early tomorrow morning, I'll see you in my dreams.