The Showreel Must Go On

Burj Khalifa

I love watching my showreel, it’s a trip down memory lane to an amazing array of countries, locations and beautiful people who I’ve got to say hello to over the past few years. It’s also, I admit, fairly old. The only actual update I did to my reel was last year, a dramatic update when I logged into Vimeo, and removed “2015” from its title.

The problem with showreels is simply that they are always the last thing on the list to get updated. Especially now that I film everything in 4K, it’s in hard drives all over the place, and finding every single little bit I want to feature takes a seriously long time that I rarely have.

Recently my approach has been a little different, sharing videos I’ve filmed over the past few months to demonstrate my skill, rather than digging up an old reel from many moons ago shot on a camera I don’t have anymore. I feel this is a more honest way to do it, as everyone’s reel has a tendency to be the absolute best bits they’ve filmed over the past few years, and – like monkeys with typewriters – we are all bound to get something right eventually.

My most recent reel was for drone filming, which starts with the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, on Callala Beach south of Sydney. What you can’t see is that I’m being eaten alive by mosquitos, but damn it was a good shot…