Brown Paper in Saudi

MEPCO reels

Corporate video production is a varied beast. Some days you’re with IT professionals somewhere in a factory talking about SAP implementations, and another day you’re in a hospital talking with MRI technicians. I love the challenge when I hear about a new company, and both the mental and physical challenge when I have to learn all about them in a week, as I make their corporate video.

The fastest one I ever had to make was for Julphar, which I wrote, filmed and edited in exactly a fortnight after the client confirmed. It turned out pretty well I thought:



Written, Filmed & Directed by Rupert Chesman for Julphar

So when the lovely people from MEPCO asked me to head to Jeddah to make their corporate, I looked forward to another challenge.

I’m going to have to admit, it was a bit of a new challenge, as their main job is to make brown paper, all day, every day. Now brown paper is actually pretty important for our industries as absolutely everything you buy is wrapped in it. I do mean everything. You buy a computer? It’s in a brown box. That juice carton? Packed in a brown box. Really, you don’t think about how integral brown paper is to our lives, but actually I’d guess that a life support machine probably comes packed in, you guessed it, a brown box.

So when the economy and industrial output of any country increases, so does the requirement for brown paper. It’s a symbiotic relationship, and the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing massive investment at the moment. Accordingly, a strong, proactive need for more brown.

Approaching this video was a little more complicated, as the actual product is big round reels of paper, which isn’t going to fill a 4-minute video or keep it compelling. When writing the script I worked hard to put MEPCO into the wider context of the Saudi economy and the Middle East, explaining that this investment is inextricably linked, and they’ll always be a need for a fundamental product such as brown paper.

Also during filming I did my best to get as artistic and interesting as possible, using my Carl Zeiss 100mm Macro lens to get up close and personal to as many different cogs, wheels and other parts of the manufacturing process as possible, as well as using the wide-angle lens for some of the really impressive huge pieces of equipment that they use.

I did like one moment with the client… I mentioned I had been on the beach with Jessica Alba the day before in Dubai, and he said “and now you’re here?  Man, what happened?”

I’d love to go back to MEPCO one day, it was a fun shoot that kept me on my toes, and ended up with a nice video:

Written, Filmed & Directed by Rupert Chesman for Middle East Paper Company