I’m a Videographer and Web Designer based in Sydney, Australia.  I’ve worked with major brands to create their social media video content, including Toyota, Nike, Chanel and Swarovski to name a few.

I speak way too many languages, including fluent French & Japanese, and knowledge of all the rest.

Experienced Videographer/Editor

I film on the GH5 and GH5s, and edit using an industry-leading eGPU to push the boundaries of speed, exporting videos in 4K in seconds, with fibre upload speeds.

Filmed in over 30 countries

I’ve filmed across the world, from the UK to Japan to China to Argentina, with a multi-lingual knowledge and can-do attitude.

in the industry since 2003

I started in the industry in 2003 working as a Production Manager/Producer, and still produce/direct most of my videos.

The best equipment, all in 4K

Radeon 570 eGPU exports 4K video content in seconds, with a Panasonic GH5 for filming and Final Cut Pro X for editing.

My Skills.


web design

Designing websites using WordPress and Elementor Pro, with a fun creative side.



Strong knowledge of eCommerce including Amazon FBA, Shopify and WooCommerce



Photoshop is pretty much always open to make sure everything is perfect for my videos and websites.


Well if you’ve got this far down the page


I have been to over 75 countries and territories across the world and tried to learn at least one word in the local language every time.  Or the whole language, I’m annoying like that.


You’ll see my son on my Instagram, he’s an awesome little 3-year-old who very occasionally comes on shoots if he’s needed.  Like that toy shop shoot.  He can already set up lights and open up Final Cut Pro X.


I’ve lived in London, Tianjin (it’s in China near Beijing), Tokyo, Dubai, Paris and Sydney.


I used to work in nightclubs during uni days, and have a solid knowledge of lights and sound, which was transferrable to TV.

Family Picture

To My Bump

The sun is setting over another day in the Blue Mountains, a few pink clouds visible over the horizon as it starts a day on

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Kritzi the Little Goat

A Goat in Covent Garden

In production you’re sometimes put in pretty random positions. My first ever day on my first ever shoot was in 2003, and I was bouncing

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Maasai in Kenya

Watch out for the Lions

If there’s one thing I’m famous for amongst my friends, I’d love to say it’s my witty repartee or beautiful skill in chatting up ladies,

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